Media Agency

California-based Brand Growth Hacker and Digital Marketing Agency

Block Media Agency is comprised by marketing experts Ken Llamas and Joe Thompson. Both have a combined 4 years of working with small, medium and large enterprises, leading their digital transformation while achieving and exceeding their business objectives.

My Services

My clients demand top results and that is what I deliver, every time. I reject industry status quos, refuse to compromise on quality and place performance at the core of everything I do.

Strategy & Consulting

My consultations and in-depth analysis allow you to get the expert advice for your campaigns in order to maximise your growth and return on investment.

Paid Social Media

Paid social media delivers exceptional results and an excellent return on investment when performed using advanced strategies and targeting resources.

Paid Search

Expensive platforms such as Google Ads require in-depth analysis, well-thought-out strategies and best-in-class landing page optimisation in order to achieve success.

Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimisation requires a lot of high-quality content, powerful backlinks and a well-thought-out proved strategy that is used time and time again.

Lead Generation

Myself and my team utilise best practices to cut costs and achieve an excellent cost per lead rate at scale for your campaigns while designing pages that convert.

Sales Growth

Digital marketing provides the perfect opportunity to dramatically increase your sales. Our strategies allow clients to dramatically increase sales in a very short timeframe.

Conversion Optimisation

Myself and my team create landing pages and websites that convert visitors into customers at scale.

Personal Branding

Establishing a prescribed image in the minds of your potential customers through strategy, content creation, and distribution.

Working with Businesses to Achieve their Objectives

Too often digital marketers use outdated or simplistic models in order to conduct their digital activities. In the noisy, cutthroat environment that is social and search, businesses must firstly identify a tangible ROI from their activities and execute with aggressive yet intelligent that work now and will continue to do so in the future. Objectives I regularly work on with my clients include:

  • Building Brand Equity – While this may be more difficult to quantify, it is perhaps the most integral part of digital marketing today. I work with brands to grow and enhance their brand awareness and image, respectively. Resources such as influencers and paid social media provide efficient platforms to achieve such objectives.
  • Lead Generation – We work with clients to create a system that achieves a low-cost yet high-quality flow of leads that drive real business results. Furthermore, we work on conversion optimisation and split testing to ensure paid search campaigns achieve a positive ROI.
  • E-Commerce & Sales – Digital marketing platforms provide an ideal set of resources to create and grow an effective e-commerce business, whether you are already an established seller or seeking to set up a store, I work to deliver campaigns that achieve transactions at a fraction of the advertising cost.

Looking to achieve growth through digital?
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I pick and choose who I work with very carefully and will only accept clients that I can truly overdeliver on. If we’re a good match, we will work through some of your pain points and set out a plan of action for your success.